Suffering From Crohn's Disease? You're Not Alone!Ready To Take Control Of Your Crohn's Diseases - Naturally?
Suffering From Crohn's Disease? You're Not Alone!
Ready To Take Control Of Your Crohn's Diseases - Naturally?

Understanding The Autoimmune Disorder Crohns Disease

Crohn’s disease is a systemic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) of unknown cause, that results in chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract. It can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus, and can also cause complications outside of the gastrointestinal tract. The incidence of Crohn’s disease in North America is 6:100 Read more

Lifestyle Changes For Those With Crohns Disease

Life can be made considerably more complicated with the onset of Crohn’s Disease; however, with certain lifestyle changes, it can be managed to decrease day to day stress due to the disorder. Although diet does not cause or cure the disease, it has been proven that certain foods may increase symptoms of Crohn’s, while others […] Read more

What You Should Know Before Using Aloe to Manage Crohns Disease Symptoms

Although many people who receive an ileostomy find that their Crohn's disease successfully goes into remission, when a person has a Crohn's flare up, they experience inflammation within their digestive track which leads to pain, discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, and many other unpleasant symptoms. If flare ups happen often, many people Read more

The Low-Down On The Diagnosis And Therapy Of Coronary Heart Disease In Women

It is not easy to diagnose CHD in women who develop chest pain more often than men. The chances for these chest pains to progress to heart attack are rare. In one study, half of the women undergoing coronary angiography did not have significant heart artery blockage. But, women with classical angina symptoms had a […] Read more

Teenagers Coping With Acne

All of us who are adults have suffered through the insecurities of our own teenage years. Remember standing in front of the mirror and mentally listing everything that was less than perfect (in your opinion) about your appearance. In my case, I always thought I was too short, my eyes were too big for my […] Read more

What Is The Chinese Herbal Tea Wang Lao Ji Made From?

In China one of the most popular herbal teas is wang lao ji or wong lo kat in Cantonese. Wang lao ji is said to be a product that was commercialized and sold by Wang Zebang (nicknamed Wang Ji ) from Heshan in Guangdong province in 1828. Currently sold as a herbal beverage, with the […] Read more

Prevention of Chronic Diseases – An Outline

The main causes of chronic diseases are toxins in the air, food and water, poor diet and lack of nutrition, stress, negativity and emotional/energy blockages. These causes drain your energy and damage your cells and immune system and block the free flow of energy through your body. These causes also can damage brain chemistry and […] Read more

Laugh When it Hurts – Using Humor to Cope With the Downturn

The time it’s most important to be able to laugh is when things look worst. Economic downturns can get pretty bleak when you’re trying to stretch a fixed income or watching hard-earned dollars wither as investments. But this really is the time to remember how to laugh. Humor can be incredibly therapeutic. Before we go […] Read more

Understanding the Peptic Ulcer Disease

PUD, or Peptic Ulcer Disease, afflicts millions of Americans each year. There are many places that PUD can be located. These regions are: the duodenum, Meckle’s Diverticulum, the esophagus and the stomach. The pain and misery from an ulcer can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. But there is a lot of misinformation floating Read more

How to Cope With a Nighttime Eating Disorder

Various different types of eating disorders have been identified, and one of these that is now being recognized is nighttime eating disorder. The nighttime eating disorder is a syndrome which is marked by a lack of appetite in the morning and a pattern of overeating at night. Nighttime eating disorder, also known as Night Eating […] Read more

Prostate Milking – The Best Position to Stimulate the Prostate

The act of stimulating the prostate gland in order for men to reach orgasm or ejaculate is called prostate milking. This could be done for medical reasons or just for the fun and pleasure that it brings. We must understand what prostate milking is first before we tackle more about the topic. Let’s talk about […] Read more

Periodontal Disease – Do You Know What You Must Do to Stop Or Prevent Periodontal Disease?

A lot of people are suffering right now from some type of periodontal disease and if you are one of them, you probably want to educate yourself on the most common gingivitis cause. We all know exactly what gingivitis is, however, you might not know some of the causes and why it is a good […] Read more

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