If You Have Fine Hair is it OK Or Normal to See Your Scalp Sometimes? My Opinion Based on Experience

The other day, I received an email from someone who told me that she had always had fine hair, but that recently, she had begun to notice that she can see some scalp when her hair is wet or not combed properly. She was not sure if this was a new development as she had recently noticed some shedding or if her hair had always been that thin and she had just never noticed before. She wanted to know if she should be concerned about the scalp showing through or if this was more common with hair that is of a fine texture. I will tell you the advice I gave to her in the following article.

Look At Old Photos To Determine If The Scalp Showing Is A New Thing: Many times, when someone has hair that is fine, they are also given a lot of it. The end result is often a normal cosmetic result as the net amount of hair appears to be of a normal texture since there is an abundant amount. But, if something occurs that causes a shift in this abundance or makes the amount of hair that you have sparser, you’re likely to notice the fine texture more. Because less is there, it will not cover as well or have as much volume as the same amount of hair that is coarser in texture.

One way to know if this is happening is to look at old photos from one, three, or five years before. Try to find photos of your hair in different styles, in different sources of lighting (outside with the sun hitting and inside with fluorescent lighting) to see if you have any scalp in the old photos. This will help you to determine if you are experiencing some thinning that is new in nature or if what you are seeing is reasonably normal for you. Generally speaking though, as almost everyone can see some scalp at the part line when the hair is wet, it’s somewhat unusual to be able to see straight through to the scalp in other areas like the bangs, crown, and very top (the area that is not the part line.)

How Much Does The Showing Scalp Bother You?: Another consideration is how much you are bothered by this. If you’re happy with your appearance and think that your volume is normal considering your hair texture then you don’t need to dwell on it. We all have different heads of hair with wildly varying textures. If you’ve always been on the sparse side and aren’t noticing more hair falling out, then you may be over thinking this.

However, if you find yourself looking in the mirror all the time and worrying about it, then it might be time to evaluate if you’re losing excess amounts of hair or if you want to explore ways to treat the hair loss, cover the scalp, and / or make the volume seem more full. Put your hair in a ponytail and ask yourself if the diameter of the tail is less than it was a year ago.

Another consideration is if your hair is miniaturizing. What I mean by this is that in some hair loss conditions, the hair that sheds out grows in thinner and thinner with each cycle so that your hair becomes more and finer over time. Since the diameter is less each round, then coverage is going to be less too and you’re going to begin to see more scalp. It’s important to take an honest look at how your hair is now in comparison to how it was then to see if there is a noticeable difference that you need to be concerned with.

Source by Ava Alderman


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