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3 Penis Enlargers That Work – Many Don’t Provide Permanent Results – These 3 Do

Given all of the penis enlargers on the market today, its no wonder that men are leery about male enlargement in general and trying to decide what works. Fortunately, there are a couple of methods that have been clinically proven to enlarge the male organ safely and permanently. What does not work:

While some guys claim to get size gains from penile patches, pumps, and pills, there is no clinical proof to back these up as permanent methods for male enhancement. Patches and pills both rely on chemicals which enter the bloodstream to facilitate more blood flow to the male genitals. However, there is always the possibility of side effects from these products.

Pumps work by a different principle to aid blood flow. A vacuum is created which allows the penis to expand due to the pressure involved. Unfortunately, bruising can easily result from using this method as a means of permanent enlargement. Blood vessels may rupture causing the organ to have red streaks or an otherwise unattractive appearance.

In the worst case scenario, vacuum pumps can actually cause the penis to curve due to the unregulated pressure that is imposed on the penile shaft. This could lead to a condition known as Peyronies disease and can cause serious discomfort not only for the guy with this problem but also his partner(s). This tends to make intimacy a challenge that is not necessary.

Pumps are definitely not a safe method even for temporary male enhancement.

What does work:

There are only a few penis enlargers that work safely. Surgery has been successful for a few guys, however, this method is far from safe. In fact, some surgeons will not even perform the surgery, even if they are qualified to do so. They know the risks are much higher than the potential rewards. If a male is left impotent by the procedure then the doctor’s reputation may be tarnished forever.

Penis exercises can be an effective male enlarger. Of course there are a couple of disadvantages using this method. First off, they must be correctly performed with the proper intensity in order to achieve real results. Motivation is also a factor which must be considered, since guys are required to do it themselves. Gains can be had using this method if the above requirements are met however

Finally, you have the extender or traction device as a penis enlarger that works. This is the safest and easiest way to make solid penile size gains in both length and girth (or width). Clinically proven to achieve permanent gains.

It’s also much easier to stay motivated since the device will do the work for you. Just put it on and set the tension to a comfortable level and allow the enlarger to let traction take its course. Traction is an accepted medical principle because it works. This method of permanent male enlargement is the fastest and safest available, and the biggest penile size gains will be made using this method.

Source by John W Marshall

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