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Alternative Chronic Clinical Depression Treatments

Chronic clinical depression treatments can be treated with traditional methods such as psychotherapy, medications. They can also be treated with medical procedures such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (shock treatments). In certain cases, more than one treatment type is used, for example an anti-depressant might be coupled with psychotherapy. On occasion, a traditional and non-traditional treatment may be used. Psychotherapy could very well occur with Herbal Supplements.

Alternative Chronic Clinical Depression Treatments

Herbal supplements consist of a group of herbs that are known to positively change moods and are blended in a precise way with other nutritional supplements including a variety of vitamins, minerals, and special enzymes. These herbal supplements are safe and they are effective. They have few, if any, side effects. They are effective in mild to moderate depression. It is not known that these supplements are effective in treating severe depression. The highest quality supplements have been put through vivid testing. These supplements should be made according to pharmaceutical standards. Each ingredient will have had their metabolic paths examined at the molecular level. The interactions of the ingredients are also tested.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice using varying lengths of very fine needles. These needles are inserted from 1/4 inch to 1 inch deep into the skin at specific areas on the body that are believed to be connected to the part of the brain that controls the condition normally Chronic Clinical Depression. This procedure 'shuts down' painful sensations.

Reflexology is a practice where light pressure is applied to nerves in the hands and feet that are connected to specific areas of the body. Reflexology is effective, has no medication, or side effects.

Massage is a specialized manipulation of the muscles of the body and is done for therapeutic treatments or for simple relaxation. Chiropractic massage is directly related to the alignment of the body especially the spine and the areas that are related to certain areas of the body. The relaxation that results can positively influence Depression.


Alternative chronic clinical depression treatments are typically not involving any medication and Acupuncture and are one that has mild invasion because of the needles going into the skin. Alternative treatments can be coupled with other therapies to achieve better results. As with anything, first with your doctor to be sure there is nothing to prevent you from participating fully in any of these therapies.

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