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Alzheimers Disease – What is It?

Alzheimers disease is a form of dementia which affects middle-aged and older people. It is a progressive disease that slowly kills the victims nerve cells in the brain. Alzheimers is a rather complex disease that seems to be caused by several effects. It is the most common type of dementia, accounting for roughly seventy percent of diagnosed cases, and it knows no boundries, being spread across different cultures and affecting both males and females in equal measure. Alzheimers disease can be extremely stressful for the victims family, who very often find themselves being in the front line when it comes to providing care and support. It bought to be remembered that the family member or members doing the caring will also need plenty of support.

The care of a Alzheimers patient is quite a challenge because the decline is slow and unpredictable and can progress at a different pace. If it happens that Alzheimers is diagnosed, seek out any local services and aid groups that are available from your doctor's surgery or inquire at your local hospital. There is not a single special test for Alzheimers, but invariably the correct diagnosis is achieved by ruling out other causes of memory loss, for example: Parkinson's disease, minor strokes, or depression. This disease typically rears it's ugly head after the age of 60 or so, and the risk gets higher with age progress. All the same, it must be remembered that Alzheimers disease is not neccarily a normal part of the aging process.

Alzheimers can be described as the death of the mind before the Body, and as such is a very difficult and depressing condition for any family to have to deal with. Alzheimers is reckoned to be a fatal disease, but the usual cause of death is normally another illness (like pneumonia) which can develop as a complication in an individual already severely weakened by Alzheimers. The treatment of Alzheimers Disease is still reliably young, but researchers are very confident that the time is not too far away when medications will become available that will be able to successfully treat the symptoms of Azheimers.

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