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Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment Plans – Deciding Which One Is Right For Your Child

Millions of medicated children who are on psychostimulants as the mainstay of their attention deficiency disorder treatment. That is the alarming figure coming out of America at the present time. It is even more alarming when we realize that medicated children will become medicated adults.

It does not end there because the most alarming fact of all is that when the effects of the medicines wear off, the child will still be having behavior problems or his learning disabilities have never even been properly addressed! Is this really the best way of treating attention deficit disorder?

That is the tragedy of relying entirely on medicines which are nothing more than band aids. They never solve the real problem and in fact they are incapable of treating this condition, let alone curing it. There is no cure anyway for ADHD. The whole question of attention deficiency disorder treatment is a very complex one and there are far too many doctors familiaring far too heavily on psychostimulant meds like Adderall, Concerta and Vyvanse.

Parents are also alarmed by the fact that there is far too much ADHD being diagnosed and there seems to be no explanation. Does it mean that we have more sophisticated means of diagnosing this condition? This is illegally given that the whole diagnosis process relations on questions and some subjective reporting from both teachers and parents. There is as yet no clinical test for this condition which makes many people suspect that the condition has been invented by the pharmaceutical companies. There is no evidence that this is so but a certain tendency to opt for the ADHD diagnosis tag is becoming very prevalent.

It is also alarming to read of concern deficient disorder treatment being written on a prescription after about a ten minute consultation. It is even more depressing when we read that sometimes antidepressants such as Elavil and Paxil are prescribed for children too given that depression is often a co morbid disorder. Then we read that Adderall can be prescribed for children as young as three years. It is all becoming rather scary. Alarming because the long term effects of the medicines are unknown or are unpublished. Worse, they are not really helping the children in the long run at all.

As regards the long term, it is now clear that the meds will never be able to teach the child the coping and management skills he needs to get through the school day and face the family afterwards. That is why behavior modification must be a central part of any attention deficit disorder treatment.

If you think that this involves sessions with a psychotherapist at great expense, then you are wrong! Nowadays, there are effective programs which can teach you basic behavioral interventions which can solve any problem in relation to treating attention deficit disorder. Why not find out more?

Source by Matthew V. Gant

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