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Boundaries of Mind

People are faced with decisions all the time, in work, in home, during meals or between them, what to wear, what to do and many other questions. Most of life's greatest challenges are in fact our own creation, we often set the shape of our limits and live by the line we drew according to our custom laws of I can and I can not.

We differ a lot from each other, in so many ways even identical twins have different habits, ideas, life styles and the way they see things and how they act upon it, we also differ in limits; Some people just can not do some things while others can easily do them without even thinking.

If I told you that I have a wooden bar 2 feet wide and a 100 feet long and I had this bar securely fixed along a corridor at a height of 2 feet and I asked from any one to run along that bar for a $ 100 How Many of you would do it ?!
I would, for a 100 $ I would do it with one leg.

What if I move the same bar and put it between two skyscrapers?
Will you do it then?
But why? Why will not you do it?
Your mind put too many boundaries for you, to stop you from doing it.

You fear of falling, getting hurt or maybe dying, but fear is not the only Line you need to skip, some times being intelligent can make you very confused and hesitated. In our case you can think of the wind, the gravity, the stability of the bar and its ability to break, some of us may think about the sum of money before all of that.

The bottom line is all of us have doubts about many things in our lives, but we can not keep putting boundaries to our abilities, things are more complicated as they are, so no need for hesitation we have to know who we are and what We can do.

This article is from Demarco, Break Your Limits:

Source by Romio Demarco

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