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Consequences of Divorce on Children – Tips to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

There are many problems that couples will face when the make the decision to divorce. But often while they are trying to sort out their own emotions they may forget about how their children if they have any are coping with the situation as well. Certainly there are going to be both physical and emotional consequences of divorce on children that their parents will need to deal with.

There are certain things that a couple can do when going through a divorce that can help their children if they have any to cope with the situation better. Below we offer some tips that may prove useful in helping children to deal with the consequences of divorce that they will come across.

Tip 1 – Many children will feel that the reason their parents are divorcing is because of something they have said or done, especially if the child is really young when the divorce takes place. It is important that you sit down and explain to them that for no reason are it because they behaved badly or did something that was not normal that mum and dad have chosen to live separate lives. It is important that you clearly explain to your children at this time that just because you and your partner are separating that you do not love them anymore.

Tip 2 – it is important that when any conflicts arise between you and your partner during the divorce process that the children do not become involved. Ideally any conflicts should have resolved out of sight of the children and in as peaceful a way as possible. It is vital that you never ask your children to choose sides at this stage of the proceedings and certainly never make them decide who should have custody and when they are able to visit the other parent.

Above we have offered just a couple of ways that you can help dealing with the consequences of divorce on children that such a situation can have.

Source by Samantha Adams

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