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Coping with Change – Deciding to Stay or Go

So your organization is going crazy. Every day you come to work and something's different and it's not for the better, at least in your mind anyway. At one time you loved your job and now, with all these changes and new people and new directions – you hate going in every day. Is that you? If so, this article got here just in time.

The first step for you is to make a serious decision. You must decide whether you should stay or go.
That's right; decide whether the grass is really greaner on the other side. What? You say you've been too long? You say you make too much and can not replace your income elsewhere? It does not matter what you feel and you need to understand that? The leaders in your organization would like you to stay but in the end, they do not care. It's that simple. You gotta 'get over it. And here is the first step in making that decision.

1. Do you still have a job? If you do not, then get hot finding another, but realize, things are changing everywhere. The seasons change, we get older everyday and Wal-Mart gets bigger.

2. What are the facts you know to be true as they relate to you? You see half of what you're hearing is rumor and it'll never come true. The other half you can not control anyway so get over it too. To cope with change you have to deal in facts, not rumor.

3. Are you avoiding any facts? In other words … are you in denial about what is happening to you now that you know the facts? It is vitally important that you understand what is happening and how it affects you personally. Not the person in the office or cubicle but you personally. Once you know fact from rumor and are not dripping wet in denial you can make a proper decision.

4. What are your current actions and reactions in your organization regarding the changes taking place? That means are you part of the solution going forward or part of the problem? It's a choice you know. And your current mental state regarding the changes and how it is impacting your home life are a direct correlation to whether or not you are contributively positively or negatively. The choice is yours.

5. Decide whether your situation is helpless or hopeless. Based on everything you now know from answering questions 1 through 4, make a decision. Here's how! If the changes around you are driving you up the wall and you just can not accept them, but, you've talked to the powers to be and things will be heading towards the better – then your situation is hopeful. On the other hand, if it's driving you to misery on all fronts of your life and the boss says it is not happening, the changes are permanent and then some – your situation is hopeless.

So, its decision time. And if your situation is hopeless and you are unwilling to change your attitude … then run as fast as you can to another organization. No job is worth destroying your personal life. Period. Quit whining and take action. That is the first step to coping with change. You must decide if you want to be part of the future or not. If not, quit whining and do something for yourself. Move on and realize there is life after where the place is currently driving you crazy. Stay or go but make a decision for your own sanity.

Source by Ed Kugler

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