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Coping With Panic Attacks – Tips and Techniques That Will Help

Panic attacks can be described as a state of disorder when a person feels sudden anxiety or intense fear. During an attack, you may feel like going crazy with dizziness, pounding heartbeat and terror. There is a sense of unreality and fear of losing control. This article will give you help with copying with panic attacks by explaining some of the proven ways of managing them.

Typically, attacks are caused due to over anxiety. So, whenever you feel that you are going to have an attack or you feel very anxious, the first thing you should do is relax your mind and body. You must remind yourself that it is only a temporary phase and it will not cause you any harm. Think about something that can relax your mind or engage yourself in some mind relaxing task. Ask your counselor or doctor to suggest relaxing techniques for coping with panic attacks.

If you suffer from panic attacks it is a good idea to seek medical help or counseling. During medical help your situation will be evaluated, based on your symptoms. You must answer all the questions of your doctor honestly so that he can judge your condition correctly. Once your position is evaluated certain medications prescribed by the doctor can help you in blocking the symptoms of panic attack. Doctors may also advise you to undergo counseling which will enable you to increase the fears of an attack and will teach you skills and techniques managing your attacks and ways to control your fear.

Physical and mental exercise is a proven way to help in coping with panic attacks. Stress levels should be reduced by breathing in fresh air and walking in an open area. This way anxiety can be reduced and thus reducing the occurrence of anxiety and the feeling of panic. It is also advisable to perform deep breathing and stretching exercises so as to give your body and mind the required relaxation.

It has been proved by medical experts that intoxicating drinks such as alcohol and caffeine eliminate the nervous system and thus enhance the chance of an attack. So, if you have a fear of having an attack, try and avoid caffeine and alcohol which may trigger them.

Your chances of experiencing an attack can be reduced by maintaining a healthy body and taking up a healthy diet. If your body is healthy, your mind is also more likely to be happy. Having a healthy lifestyle helps reducing your stress level and thus reducing anxiety.

Finally, a good long sleep will certainly relax and soothe your mind. A tired or fatigue body will increase the stress level thus increasing the chances of an attack.

So, you can combine medication and psychotherapy to treat the panic attack disorder in your body. Although, it may take some time but with constant efforts you will be able to recover from the phobia of an attack.

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