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Discover the Normal Causes of an Anxiety Attack

For understanding the causes of an anxiety attack, we should first understand what anxiety is and what factors can cause anxiety. In his daily life a person may experience anxiety often but most people have no idea why an anxiety attack is triggered.

Anxiety is an emotion which we feel when we are in some kind of tense situation. For some people it can be studying hard for a major exam, for others it can be prior to giving a speech in front of a group of people while for the shy and introverted type it can be going for a blind date.

It is absolutely all right to feel anxious of certain things or worry over certain circumstances if you have a rational and logical reason behind it. In that case anxiety would be just a typical and rational reaction. But if you start feeling unexpected gushes of overwhelming terror which comes without any warning and for no apparent reason, then its time to be cautious, because now it is no longer regular anxiety but it could be the start of an attack.

It is very important to understand the causes of these attacks as they will help you immensely in avoiding such attacks from occurring in future. If you know which situations trigger such an attack then you can avoid them or possibly eliminate them altogether.

The difference between regular anxiety and an anxiety attack is that such attacks are much more intense than just the feelings of stress or anxiety that you experience in everyday life. An attack can be described as a sudden feeling of intense fear or of approaching disaster that will strike without any warning and for no logical reason.

Attacks can sometimes be triggered due to certain medications, caffeine or related products. It can also be due to abnormal heart rhythm or some other problem related to the heart. For some people stress related to work, relationship or death of a loved one can trigger a sudden attack. Other disorders like Phobic Disorder, Stress Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder can also lead to an attack.

Such attacks are caused by a change in the functioning of Amygdala, a small organ inside the brain that regulates anxiety recurrence when there is an anxiety provoking sensation, thought or situation. When a certain level of anxiety is reached then it results in a rush of Adrenalin which leads to producing sever symptoms that reach a peak in as little as a few minutes time.

Although the peak of the anxious feelings range anywhere from five to thirty minutes. However, its resulting symptoms may last a little longer than that. The symptoms of anxiety attacks, although sometimes completely harmless, can be extremely frightening. Some general symptoms of an attack are difficulty in breathing, intension heartbeat, palpitation, trembling, nausea, excessive sweating, chest pains, sudden chills, fear of going crazy or going to die, and the like.

The symptoms may vary from person to person depending on the situation. The intensity of the reaction may also vary greatly but that does not mean that your condition is something unusual and undiagnosed. These symptoms are just a general guide as every person reacts differently.

More often than not, an attack is a sign of some underlying anxiety disorder. It can be treated successfully with correct medication and professional help. There is no hard and fast rule in treatment of these disorders and you may not have to go costs therapies also. There are proven methods that cure you by eliminating the causes of anxiety attacks.

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