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Exam Stress and How to Cope

If you suddenly start to panic at school – it is usually because you are in the spotlight and are feeling the pressure. This could be an exam or a presentation in front of the class. It is bad enough when this stress occurs in front of friends but can be an absolute nightmare when it is a professional situation as it can scare you for life!

The first thing to remember is not to panic. Even the most confident of people have their moments. Just because you have been labeled by society or peers as "shy" should not mean that you can not perform to your best standard under pressure. Just go back to basics and regrate yourself and relax.

Close your eyes and breath. Really concentrate on that movement of your diaphragm and center yourself. Now you are calm.

When faced with a question, vocal or in a written situation, take a moment to step back and think about the question. There is nothing worse than answering someone / an exam paper, by talking around the answer because you will not get very far! Think logically and carefully and you will go far. Do not rush! It can be difficult to think clearly when face to face with someone, but breathe in the question and then breathe out and speak.

If you are struggling with a task – move away from the question and on to one that you can answer. This is true even to face to face conversations – just explain that you will come back to it later on – because then as you talk about something that you do know the answer to. Your brain will start working out the answer to the tricky question subconsciously. really tests people's ability to work under pressure. Competitors from all over the world learn historical figures and facts, names and faces, abstract images and packs of cards in literally minutes in front of a worldwide audience. So if you want to learn how to train your brain to really work under pressure, you could always try some of those exercises!

If that does not take your fancy – try these from the team behind Relax Kids:

Relaxing revision tips

Here are some tips which may help you during your revision for exams.

1 Make a revision timetable, setting times for each subject. Set a plan for the day and make sure you add a treat or reward so you have something to look forward to.

2 If you prefer silence, make sure your room is as silent as possible. If possible clear up your space as it can be much easier to think and work in a clear environment.

3 If you prefer music, you can listen to your favorite music while you work. Listening on headphones will help reduce distraction. Soothing and classical music will help you stay calm and focussed while up tempo beats may help you stay motivated.

4 Keep a bottle of water on your desk and drink regularly to hydrate the brain. Try to limit fizzy drinks.

5 Take regular breaks and make sure you eat plenty of fruit snacks. Apples are bananas are great to keep your blood sugar levels consistent.

6 You might like to try listening to a relaxation CD. Regular relaxation breaks will give your brain a rest and help you memorize.

7 Remember to relax through your revising – this will help you stay calm and focused.

8 Enjoy your treat and reward at the end of the study period.

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