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Feel Insecure With A Small Penis? Here Are 3 Helpful Tips (Plus Which Enlargement Approach Is Best)

It’s in the nature of man to want to feel like an alpha male. And most of us will do whatever it takes to feel this kind of power. The alpha male swagger is where a man walks with a great deal of confidence because of something he has that is greater than others. It could be a muscular body, a high position in a job or having a business, it could be an amazing outfit that makes him look like a million bucks, or a HUGE penis size.

Now, as much as most men want to develop that alpha male swagger is as much as a man could feel incredibly insecure if he doesn’t have those things I mentioned above. One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) issue is having a smaller penis size. In today’s article I wanted to talk to you about 3 tips that can help you deal with feeling insecure if you have a smaller penis size. Also, if you want to, I’m also going to share with you what works best for making your penis bigger quickly, naturally, easily, permanently, and without spending hundreds of dollars. Continue reading to learn more.

First things first. A “small” penis size is typically anything under 6 inches erected. This is because most men average around 6-6 1/2 inches long when erected. The ideal size that women prefer and what will make her reach a screaming orgasm is a 7-9 inch penis size that is also thick.

Now, Here Are 3 Tips To Help With Feeling Insecure Due To Having A Smaller Penis Size…

1. Never compare yourself to porn-stars…

Porn-stars are paid some serious money to have a monster sized penis. Most of these guys either have great genetics or they went for natural methods to increase their sizes. The porn-stars you see who have big but ugly-looking penises went in for seriously over-priced surgical procedures (and I’m talking THOUSANDS of dollars). Those procedures can make your penis bigger, but they come with lots of side-effects and as you can see, the price tag is incredibly huge.

So, it’s important to understand that although these guys do have enormous penis sizes, this is the norm for most men. Most men average around 6-61/2 inches (as mentioned above).

2. Look for the right girl…

A down-to-earth girl will more than likely not put such an emphasis on the size of your penis. Statistically speaking, many of the outgoing girls are the one’s who can become somewhat shallow if you are lacking size downstairs. This is of course pretty unfortunate if the woman you’re currently with is showing signs of not being satisfied with your size. If so, check out #3 below…

3. Learn and practice different sex positions…

“It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.” I’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard that quote several times before. And this is certainly true for many women. A lot of women more so care about how good you are with sex positions and intimacy. If you could learn how to do many different positions and if you would focus a lot on being more intimate before, during, and after sex, then this could help make up for the lack of size.

Now This Is What I Recommend If You Want To Increase Your Size…

Okay, first things first. If you want to grow a bigger endowment, you have to do so naturally… period. Please don’t become yet another statistic of unsatisfied men who fell for those gimmicks out there (tools, pills, patches, etc.). Those methods don’t work, the federal government has issued several lawsuits due to false claims, and so much more. NATURALLY is the only way you’ll increase your size significantly… AND at the same time not suffer from side-effects, diseases, pain, or no permanent growth.

So, if you don’t want to have to deal with having a smaller penis size, and you want to naturally enlarge it, then what I highly recommend you do is to find an enlargement method that will naturally stimulate your corpora cavernosa chambers, PC muscle, and the ligaments of your manhood, plus naturally increase blood flow.

A natural method could help you SAFELY and PAIN-FREE increase your size by 1-4 inches, develop more thickness around your penis, increase how long you “hang” when not erected, make your erections firmer, put an end to erectile dysfunction, put an end to impotence, and more… and all within as little as 3-8 weeks time… permanently. As you can see, this is clearly why it’s so important to stick with natural methods if you want to make your manhood bigger.

Source by Anthony Sciuto

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