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Ghost Writer Services – How to Cope With the Client

Why would anyone want to provide ghost writer services?

If you desire fame as well as fortune, maybe ghost writing is not the way to go. Your name will not appear on your work. You'll never be the next Robert Ludlum or JK Rowling.

But look at it this way. What's the biggest problem for anyone trying to produce the next blockbuster novel? Yes – it's finding that big idea. So often, the only time you come up with your great idea is when someone else has already had it! If only I'd got there first, you think …

Well – that's the big thing about providing ghost writer services. Finding the idea is not your problem! The client has the idea and pays you to write it. All you have to worry about is what to do with the cash.

Of course it is not really quite that simple. Writing is actually pretty hard work. And then, of course, there's the client. Anyone providing ghost writer services will recognize the unworthy thought: it would be fine if it was not for the client! Clients come in all shapes and sizes and they can be a pleasure or a pain. The problem is, you do not know in advance which they are going to be!

So what kind of clients can you get? Well, they do fall into a number of types.

  • The tire kicker . Somebody expresses apprent interest in using your services. They e-mail or call you time and time again, asking detailed questions about your methods of working, terms of service, how much research you are prepared to do, etc., which you patiently answer. Then suddenly you do not hear any more and realize they were just picking your brains – probably with the idea of ​​starting in business for themselves. Meanwhile they have wasted a whole lot of your time!
  • The penester . A client hires you to do a job but never gives you a moment's peace, e-mailing or calling you every day to check whenever you are on target to meet the deadline. This is the best way to prevent you from meeting it!
  • The cheapskate . An inquirer clearly wants your services but is not willing to pay the rate for the job. He / she keeps trying to beat you down and wear you down. This is quite common. (If you're just starting out in the business of providing ghost writer services, here's a hint – NEVER be tempted to reduce prices in order to get the work.
  • The waverer . You agree on a job for a client, but the client then keeps moving the goalposts – changing his / her mind about the length, the ending, the number of chapters – you name it. It's important to draw up a tight and detailed agreement before starting, and make it clear that major changes will cost extra.

Do not get me wrong – many clients are delightful and become your friends. And of course, without clients there'd be no work! So love them or loathe them, you can not do without them! But if you are looking for ghost writer services, remember – the easier you make life for your ghost writer, the faster your job will get done and the better a job it will be!

Source by Elaine Berry

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