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Herpes Symptoms and the Treatment of Herpes

If it has been within a week since you've been sexually active and you are starting to get some odd symptoms going on "down below," you may have herpes.

The first symptom of genital herpes is discomfort soon followed by itching. The pain gets worse and the itching will get more intense. You will get sores on the genital area, rectum, in the mouth or on the lips. These sores will look almost like small blisters. They will burst and usually oozing and / or bleeding occasions. The oozing will go on for a couple days. Then the sores will crust over and gradually heal.

Oral herpes symptoms include getting sores that are white and reddish in appearance. These sores can appear on your lips, on the inside of your cheeks, on your gums, the top of your mouth or your tongue.

The other symptoms of herpes, whether oral or genital is flu like symptoms. Many people experience weakness, fatigue, muscle aches and / or spasms, headaches, and fever.

There are two strains of the oral herpes virus and it takes testing by a Doctor to be able to tell which strain of the virus you have.

The first outbreak of herpes is the worst! It can last up to a month long. It seems to last longer in women than men, but this is not always the case. Some people have one outbreak and never have it again. While other people will have the outbreaks every month. Generally, after the first year it will subside. Even if you do not have any more symptoms you are still contagious.

Herpes is known as being the fastest spreading sexually transmitted disease in the United States of America. It is said that there are millions of people infected. There is no cure for herpes and it can be transferred to other people even when you are not having an outbreak.

After the initial outbreak, it is unknown how often you will continue to have them if at all, or how long they will last. Some of the things that can contribute to an outbreak is menstruation, extreme tiredness or fatigue, stress in your life, surgeries, various illnesses, certain medicines that do damage to the immune system like those for chemotherapy or the AIDS / HIV virus. Some pregnant women say the virus is extremely active throughout the whole pregnancy. Some say this is probably because of the intestinal hormones in a woman's body during pregnancy.

The bottom line is nobody knows exactly what leads to an outbreak or not. There are various medications that your Doctor can prescribe to help the symptoms and also to help keep the outbreak at a minimum.

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