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How Do I Cope With a Breakup? – 3 Easy Solutions

It looks like the world just turned upside down, does not it? Breaking up is never easy no matter what the cause is. During an economic hard time like this, financial difficulty and unemployment have brought a sudden breakup to quite a few marriages and relationships. Ideally, money should not be more important than love, but in the real world that's the way it is.

Money and sex have been major factors in marriage and relationship dissolution since time immemorial. A middle-aged man left his wife of 25 years for a younger woman because of sex. A young woman left her high school sweetheart for an older man because her young boyfriend has no money. Sex and money seems to be intertwined. If you have one, you can get the other.

Neverheless, sex and money are not the only causes of marriage and relationship breakups, there are hundreds of reasons. Whatever the cause, how do you get through this difficult time? Some choose a destructive path like turning into an alcoholic or becoming promiscuous, having several lovers without making a long-term commitment with anyone. Yes, it is hard to cope with sadness and stress, but it is foolish to try to forget your pain by drowning yourself with sex and alcohol. Take a deep breath and pull yourself together. This is the right time to learn from the past experience and grow into a wiser and stronger person.

A divorce or break hurts so much because it represents the loss of shared dreams and commitments. A romantic relationship always begins with excitement and hope for the future. When it ends, all the hope and excitement are gone. We are left with nothing but disappointment, stress, and sorrow. Your routines, your relationships with friends and extended family, your responsibilities and your identity have become disrupted. You are catapulted into an uncharted territory. Questions like "Will I find someone else?" Egypt "Will I be alone for the rest of my life" keep popping up in your head.

Regaining your composition and mental strength after a breakup or divorce is no easy task. However, it's imperative to keep reminding yourself that you can do it and you will move on no matter how hard it is.

3 Little Tips that you can use while coping with a breakup:

1) It is natural and human to feel intensely angry, bitter, sad, frustrated and exhausted. The severity of these feelings will decline over time. Accept it and live with it.

2) Allow yourself to function at a sub-standard level for a brief period of time. You may not be at the top performance on your job or your daily routines as you once were. You are not a robot with no psychological needs. You need some time to heal your emotional wounds.

3) Share your feelings with friends and family or join a support group where you can talk to others who are in similar situations. Do not hesitate to get outside help if you need one. Isolating yourself will only heighten your stress levels.

If you need a little more information on how to handle a relationship breakup, follow the link below.

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