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How To Cope With Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Lower back pain is not a disease during pregnancy. It is an inevitable stage. You may can not avoid it. But how best you can meet up with it is the real matter.

In the early part of the pregnancy, more than 50% of the pregnant women complain about it. The main reason for this back pain is the ever increasing weight of the baby within her. Apart from the weight increase, she has to cope up with the shifting center of gravity, in relation to her changing body shape!

What are the scientific causes of this back pain during pregnancy? The center of gravity of the body shifts forward on account of the growth of the uterus. The movement and style automatically changes.

Another factor is hormonal changes. Although this change is on the expected lines and can not be avoided. What actually happens is ligaments between the pelvic bones and the concerned joints loosen up to prepare for baby's arrival.

Urinary infection is another disease that others women during pregnancy. Apart from the normal backache, if you find any other symptoms along, do not neglect them. Consult your physician immediately, to avoid future complications.

However in the initial stages of the back pain do not rush with prescription or over the counter medications immediately. Learn how to eradicate the pain, without complicating the issue.

The panacea for back pain during pregnancy is proper physical exercises. Your physician will advise you about the proper exercises. Taking his advice is necessary as you need to avoid certain improper exercises as well.

Avoid slouching. Maintain an appropriate posture. You need to have your own guidelines, to achieve this position. Suitable muscular exercises go a long way to deter the back pain from bothering you. In early part of the pregnancy, good post helps a lot to tackle the back pain. Use a pillow or lumbar cushion to avoid slouching. Avoid standing for longer hours and change the sitting position frequently.

You need to take proper rest and have adequate sleep. Your overall health needs special care and attention. High-heeled shoes are a taboo and they may cause you serious problem of body balance.

Slumping forward too steeply is also not desirable. It may create breathing problems and strain in the most formative part of your body. Your lower back pain management is a matter of practical commonsense.

So, follow your own rules in a disciplined manner and stay away from back ache during such a critical phase of your life.

Source by Aasheesh Jain

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