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How to Get Back a Guy Who Broke Up With You

Getting back a guy who broke up with you is not nearly as hard as it looks. When a relationship ends and you did not want that to happen, your first reaction is to go into panic mode. Women do this all the time. The man they love packs up and leaves and it looks that with him goes the woman's common sense. She'll become so desperate she'll do just about anything to get him back. Crying, pleading and even begging are not beneath her.

If you take this approach to get back a guy who broke up with you, he's going to stay broken up with you. He's not going to want you back. Men do not want to be with women who have no control over their emotions. He does not care if he's the center of your universe or if you feel you can not live without him. All he'll see if you act this way is desperation. That's not attractive.

The reason you have such a strong response when the person you love leaves is that that no one can stomach rejection. You hate feeling as though he does not want you. It's that feeling that you have to get rid of in order to get him back. Doing that requires just one thing.

You must, absolutely must, accept what's happening if you want to get back a guy who broke up with you. You have to appear mature about it and you have to keep your emotions under control. Tell him that you understand and then tell him that you also believe that it's for the best. Women do not realize how much impact that one statement can have. Once you say that to your ex boyfriend you've delivered the rejection from you to him. Now he's the one feeling as though he's not good enough. He is not expecting that and it will throw him for a loop. It will keep him thinking about you and it will also be what drives him to start chasing you to get you back.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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