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How To Help Your Teenager To Cope With The Often Cataclysmic Problem Of Teen Acne

It may well seem fairly trivial to many people however to a teenager the arrival of acne can all too often seem to be the end of the world. Most teenagers will suffer from acne at some time and, in a lot of cases, it is fairly mild and nothing more than an inconvenience. However, in other cases acne can be severe and result in a poor body image and occasionally even serious depression. In all cases however there are several steps which you can take to assist your teenager to cope with the problems posed by acne.

A major problem with acne is that there are many myths about acne which your child is likely to hear in school or to pick up on such things as the Internet. You need to therefore begin by arming yourself with the truth and here are some of the principle facts about precisely what causes acne and what can make an attack of acne worse:

* Genetics – some children are quite simply more prone to acne no matter what they do.

* Too much scrubbing – a lot of children believe than cleansing their skin thoroughly will help in getting rid of acne. Although cleanliness is unquestionable important, scrubbing the skin too vigorously can both cause problems with existing pimples and also result in their spread.

* Squeezing pimples – most children can not resist the temptation to pop their spots and this is one thing which I think we can all understand. However, although this may seem to make things look better in the short term, it will only make things worse in the longer term.

* Diet – the precise link between acne and diet is not well well understood just at the moment but there is little doubt diet has an effect on acne.

* Stress – whenever we find ourselves suffering from stress the chemical balance in our bodies becomes unbalanced and this can add to the problems of teen acne.

* Makeup – many children, of both sexes, will attempt to use makeup to hide their acne. This can however cause problems both in terms of the skin's ability to breathe appropriately and of acne reacting to the makeup chosen.

The first thing that your children have to understand is that acne is a natural part of the process of growing up and, in particular, of the hormonal changes which their bodies are under. They also have to understand that some children will suffer more than others and that, whether or not they are one of the lucky ones, this is simply a phase which will pass in time.

Next, you children have to be taught proper skin care and it is best to begin this from an early age, and before acne appears if at all possible. However, if acne is already present it is not too late and skin care is one thing which they need to both learn and practice.

Kids need to wash their face in the morning and again in the evening with a mild soap and, once acne appears, with a specially formulated acne soap which can be purchased over-the counter at most supermarkets or drug stores. An important point to remember here is that washing two times a day is quite sufficient and that, although they may be tempted to wash more often this can dry the skin and make their acne worse.

Over-the-counter acne soaps and washing will often do the trick, although this will not work overnight and your children will need to be both patient and persistent. Where this does not do the trick however you will need to talk to your doctor or dermatologist. Your doctor or dermatologist may well recommend a stronger prescription medicine which your child will again need to use for quite some time before it does the trick.

Without question, the most important step which you can take in helping your child to cope with acne is to begin early. Your child might well be embarrassed by the arrival of acne and you may feel a reluctant to step in and assist if they have only a pimple or two. Beginning treatment early can however often stop the problem in its tracks and prevent it from growing into a surprisingly serious condition.

Source by Donald Saunders

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