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Is Circumcision a Viable Option for Pearly Penile Papules?

It is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but can do everything to spoil your sexual life as you would be low on your confidence and might be suffering form inferiority complex. Men are not outspoken about this condition like girls in terms of sharing personal problems. Usually they don’t even share it with other men. Therefore, they try to find information by themselves from medical books or directly from the internet.

You would come across hundreds and thousands of remedies to get rid of these white bumps while searching on the internet. It is up to you what you want to choose or pick. There is a number of natural remedies, medicines and ointments that you may be able to use. Some of the web sites suggest circumcision to cure hirsuties papillaris genitalis. Moreover, they claim that this is the sure shot cure for the condition. Another claim they are making is that, after getting circumcised, it’s not very likely to reappear again in your lifetime. However, this theory is not always correct.

There is a controversy between specialists regarding the removal of the foreskin. Some specialists say that it provides important health advantages to male individuals, it helps with personal hygiene and for these individuals it’s a lot easier to clean the head of the penis. Other individuals are opposing this phenomena, claiming that it’s painful and it will adversely affect sexual pleasures and penis functions. According to other legal persons, the removal of the foreskin is equal to violating human rights.

These penile bumps mainly occur among men between twenty and forty years of age, it may develop after puberty. The harmless condition has more occurrences in the uncircumcised men than that of the circumcised ones. You may consider getting rid of your foreskin for prevention reasons but if you already suffer from this condition to get rid of these pink penis bumps is not logical as they can be removed with several other medical procedures, home remedies and laser treatment methods. There are only a fraction of cases of pearly bumps where men have reported difficulty or discomfort while having sex with their partner.

According to some studies, circumcision does lower the PP infection but this is not necessarily the sure shot prevention. There have been cases where men went under circumcision to get rid of PPP but bumps appear again and worst part is that this time these warts were denser. Therefore, experts say that you can opt for circumcision however; don’t consider that it will surely work. Though it can be used as a prevention method. Since circumcision is not as effective as the websites are claiming, you should analyze everything before going under the medical procedure and lose the foreskin. Some medical professionals think that personal hygiene may be one of the reasons why this condition occurs. Other medical doctors may reject this idea.

Another reasons that would affect your decision is that before removal of the foreskin, you penis should be free from penis papules. Therefore, you should be using home remedies or medicines to remove the warts. Some guys believe that treatment with toothpaste or shaving cream will reduce the appearance of these penile bumps, most of them will find out that there is no need of circumcision. Till date there is no report has come into existence that can prove that it is the best way to get rid of pearly penile papules permanently. You can prevent PPP with circumcision but remember it does not provide 100% prevention, it will only reduce the chances to develop this fairly common skin condition.

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