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It Is Not Your Fault

Probably you're separated there trying to figure out what you did to make your boyfriend go silent, well I have good news for you, it is not your fault and nearly every man returns into his man cave, the solution to this problem is simple , you should DO NOTHING. Yes do nothing. Do not stress yourself or apologize a million times when actually you are not at fault. Take a deep breath and relax, this is nature's way of telling you that you should pay more attention to yourself, go out with your girls, pamper yourself, have fun at your work, watch plenty of movies, that relationship can continue when he is ready to pick up the phone and return your calls.

When you are silent he will start to wonder what you are doing that is more important than him, and it is your job to show him that your life does not revolve around him. When he starts seeing that, he will fight to be the apple of your eye again.

What if your relationship does not end the happy way, what if he retrieves into that man cave and stays there you wonder, years of experience has shown me that you should dust off that dirt and walk on. There are other men ready to treat you as you should be treated.

You should understand as much as you should be understood, that is the balance in the relationship, if you are not good enough for him, he will come back and tell you but do not push him, he is the man, if he goes on ahead and escapes through the silence, fine, it was better off anyway, you should give your heart to someone worthy of you, someone God will approve to be your husband, someone who will maintain the balance in that relationship.

Every morning you wake up, tell God thank you for making you a magnificent woman and ask Him to change you into the person He would like you to be, what I'm really saying is God who is the only person who should change you for his glory, your boyfriend is not entitled to anything in you. so you should not allow him to treat with carelessness.

No matter what you do, always guard your heart (as the bible says) keep that little pride deep inside you, and remember, you are a princess, know your self worth, love yourself and love God more.

Source by Leah Muthoni Mwaura

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