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Make Your Penis Bigger – How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally, Safely, and Permanently

There are a lot of ways on how to make your penis bigger. That’s why it’s so important to figure out which ways are the most effective, the safest, and most permanent.

The male genetalia is a very unique and interesting thing. There is no bone, joints, ligaments or tendons, the entire thing is tissue cells. This knowledge can be used to our advantage…

Did you know that when something is broken down in your body, your body builds it back up stronger and bigger. This is the main principle of people working out to get big muscles. So to get a longer and larger penis you need to find a way to break down the cell wall so your body can build it up bigger and stronger.

So What Works, and What Doesn’t?

First off, lets talk about different methods to penis enlargement. There are pills, surgery, pumps, creams, and weight devices, however from my personal experience, none of these techniques work. The ones that did work only worked temporarily, and all of them were extremely unsafe. It wasn’t until I found a little technique called “Jelqing” did my penis get bigger safely and permanently.

What in the heck is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a set of exercises to help increase blood flow to the penis. It also slowly stretches and breaks down the tissue cells, so when they grow back they grow longer and stronger. Jelqing is commonly believed to have come from the middle east as much as 1000 years ago. The word “jelq” is derived from the Arabic word “to milk”. Middle eastern fathers would prepare their sons for a sexual relationship by showing them jelqing exercises and increasing the size of their penis. These ancient practices combined with modern day knowledge of the human body is one of the primary reasons that jelqing is so effective.

The “milking” technique is the most famous technique. To do it you put your fingers in the “ok” grip (connect your pointer finger and thumb and put your other three fingers in the air. Wrap the OK around the base of your penis and slide it up to the head and off. Do this 120 times each day.

What kind of results can I expect from Jelqing?

From personal experience I can say that I gained 1 inch in one month and over 2 inches in the last year. I would say that I am probably the average. Some people have seen much larger gains, and some have seen smaller.

Source by Jeff Wilsoni

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