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MLM – Coping With Rejection in Prospecting New Members

Involvement in MLM companies is very popular with home business entrepreneurs. MLM companies are attractive because of low capital and logistic requirements. All you need to do is to register with your chosen company and you're immediately in business. Unfortunately the rate of failure in MLM involvement is also high. After the initial assassination, most would-be home business entrepreneurs drop out of the system because of inability to hurdle the first and sometimes the biggest challenge – prospecting for new members and the fear of rejection that companies it.

If you are in MLM business, how can you possibly cope with this challenge? I suggest two possible situations to fortify yourself psychologically:


Acknowledge that once you embark on multilevel marketing and start recruiting people, you are bound to encounter rejections. It is a one hundred percent certainty. And that is but natural because not everyone you know or meet will be interested in your business. It will not be you but your business that people will be rejecting.

You do not have to feel dejected by this. Not all people can be interested in pursuing only one occupation. Just imagine if everyone decides to become a lawyer or a doctor. Who will handle the other occupations that are essential to the survival of society? It's the same with an MLM business. You can not expect everyone to be interested in your MLM company. If that were to happen, then we will have a breakdown in our economy because no one else will be involved in doing business with other companies that are essential to the survival of even your own networking company.


You can also fortify yourself psychologically if you recognize that in a prospecting activity, your task is not trying to convince people that you have a good MLM business, product, or service. Not at all! Your task is simply to inform them of the existence of your company and the product or service it is offering plus the business opportunity it brings.

You need to inform them because you would like to find out whether or not they would be interested in your company. Let your company's product, service, and business system speak for themselves. If at the end of your information drive, your prospect decides that the business is not for him or her, then that's the end of the process as far as you are concerned.

Since your task is to inform and find out if they are interested, you have succeeded either way: If they like your company, then you win a new member. If not, then you get to know that you do not need to waste your time with them. You can move on and forget them. The sooner you know, the better so that you can focus your time and resources on other people who might be interested.

These are minor adjustment in your psychological make up that you can easily do. The rewards can be great in terms of giving you stamina to go on and persist until you succeed in your MLM business. Do not let the fear of rejection bring you down.

Source by Jimmy Labrador

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