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Never Perform Kegel Exercises Again! Find Out Why They Do Not Stop Premature Ejaculation

If you’re familiar with the terms jelqing and stretching then you would most certainly have heard of the PC muscle and kegel exercises. Described as ”being able to stop premature ejaculation” and assisting penis growth, I myself, like many other men, have been fooled into spending hours each week performing ”kegel exercises” that strengthen the muscle. However results of performing these exercises can often have the opposite result of what you’re trying to achieve in the first place. Before you even consider performing these exercises it is imperative that you read this article first.

The PC muscle

The full name of the muscle is the Pubococcygeus Muscle, abbreviated for obvious reasons, is located at the lower pelvis and stretches from the pubic bone through to ‘tail bone’. To locate the PC muscle yourself, you simply squeeze the muscle that stops you from peeing. A kegel exercise is an exercise that stimulates this muscle, either with quick rapid contractions or with longer, more controlled contractions. It’s believed that the stronger this muscle, the longer an orgasm can be prevented. However just before and during climax the PC muscle is contracted, so the key to not ejaculating quickly is by relaxing the muscle and not being able to have stronger contractions.

Theory In Practice

Try this yourself. When masturbating as soon as you feel you are reaching an orgasm, make a conscious effort not to contract your PC muscle and instead completely relax. You’ll find that without clenching the muscle you cannot climax! The moment you contract the PC muscle, the cowper’s gland is stimulated. When this gland is stimulated it releases a clear, sticky fluid called ‘pre-ejeculate’ or also known as ”pre-come”. This is released to lubricate the urethra to enable sperm to pass through it – basically it’s preparing you to orgasm. So as soon as you contract the PC muscle, you’re preparing yourself for orgasm and it’s only a short matter of time before you do.

But Aren’t The Exercises Proven To Work?

Yes and No. Men who have been able to stop premature ejaculation using keel exercises have mainly been able to do this as they start to concentrate more on not ejaculating and consequently learn how to mentally better control their natural ejaculatory urge. Kegel exercises can often do more harm then good, resulting in an enlarged prostate, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. All from doing tedious, potentially damaging exercises – you don’t NEED to do them!

So How Can I Stop Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation can’t be put down to one thing as it’s made up of many varying factors such as contracting the PC muscle too soon, stress, excessive masturbation, caffeine, premature stimulation of the prostate, biochemical imbalance and an unhealthy PNS system. Each one of these factors can be solved individually an effectively, just remember that kegel exercises are not an effective solution to ending premature ejaculation.

Source by Dean Conger

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