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Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

The relationship between obesity and cardiovascular disease is like Siamese twins. Where one is, you will find the other. Statistics show that people who are obese have double the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease then those who maintain a lower BMI (body mass index).

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in North America with one in six people being obese.

If you do not want to be the one in the six and suffer from all the associated health problems then it is time to take some steps to change your lifestyle.

Here are three suggestions to get you on the right track.

1. Make an appointment with your health care provider for a physical

This is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health. While you are discussing the results of the tests you need to ask them.

– What can I do to improve my health the fastest?

-Is there anything I should not do or something which could potentially be harmful to my longevity?

– What types of physical activity do you suggest I do to improve my health?

2. Change the way you eat.

If you are over weight and want to slim down then you will have to change the way you eat. To think that you can loose weight permanently by continuing to consume the same foods you do now is insane. There are many different systems available to you to provide help and support. Do not feel you are alone, there are one in six people who are not only over weight but obese.

If you want to remain anonymous then there are on-line programs which can help you stay on track and provide support without having to talk to anyone in person.

3. Begin an exercise program.

This is one of the things your health care provider can recommend for you. You should start slow if you have not exercised for some time. A good place to start is a walking program where you can get outside and start to move more. A walking program is great because the greatest improvement in your cardiovascular health due to exercise is from sedentary to moderately active.

Moderately active is doing some kind of physical activity for a total of 30 min. per day.

You do not have to:

– exercise for 30 min straight. Instead you can break it up into two 15 min sections or three 10 min sessions. It does not matter just as long as you are active for thirty min. a day.

– get you heart rate you into the "target Zone". The benefits stem from the activity not the intensity of that activity.

– get dressed up in self image destroying exercise wear (no spandex shorts needed).

The important thing is to start to move more then you already do.

These are three simple things you can do to begin to change your lifestyle for the better. They are not hard to do. Changing your habits for the better now will reap big dividends for you in the future in a healthy body, clearer mind and better self image.

Source by Michael H Grant

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