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Penile Yeast Infection – How It Occurs?

Genital yeast infections are more easily detected by women than men. It is difficult for a man to tell when he has penile yeast infection unless he has visited a doctor for tests because the symptoms for this condition are not as explicit as they are among women. In most cases the symptoms become visible long after the condition has progressed. It is therefore important to be conscious of one’s physical conditions in order to tell when there are any subtle changes. This means having constant check-ups to determine whether one has developed yeast infections.

Men usually develop penile yeast infections in three ways. The first one is by having sexual contact with an infected partner. Infection through sexual contact can occur in both oral as well as genital sex. Yeast infection normally appears in the mouth, is easily transmitted to the penis through oral sex. Likewise, the infection can be transmitted during genital intercourse. In this case the transmission is due to the fact the vagina is always moist and therefore always in a conducive condition for growth of yeast. Touching can also act as a means of transferring the infection from the vagina to the penis since the infected yeast will temporarily adhere to the hands before being transmitted to the penis.

It is possible to avoid the infection if both partners are always keen on detecting the bodily conditions of themselves and of each other. The woman is in a better position to detect the infection especially if she experiences pain during intercourse and constant redness in the vaginal area. It is advisable to seek medical attention at the slightest sign of this infection.

The second cause of this infection is via the rectum where infection from intestinal areas causes rashes in the rectum. Wearing tight underwear and unhygienic toilet habits can transfer the infection to the penis. A penile yeast infection sometimes arises from dietary habits. Eating excessive carbohydrates and sugar, typical among frequent beer drinkers, makes the body susceptible to yeast infections. The reason for this is simply that yeast thrives well in sugar therefore the more sugar one has in his system, the faster the infection festers.

Thirdly, this infection can result from the use of a catheter contaminated with the infection. This can occur among men who require the assistance of a catheter for urinary functions. When such catheters are contaminated with yeast, an infection will most likely occur. Some of the men prone to such risks include diabetic patients, or men with other bladder problems. In such cases it is important to sterilize all medical equipments and supplies before use. In a medical facility, great care should be exercised in handling of invasive materials as these can act as avenues of spreading the infection.

Advanced cases of this infection can be detected by the appearance of flaky cracks on the penis skin. These cracks are quite itchy and painful especially during sexual intercourse. At this stage it is advisable to consult a doctor. There are natural ways to treat penile yeast infection as well. You should take yogurt regularly to cure this infection and take care of your hygiene.

Source by Michele S Johnson

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