Crohn's Disease Causes

Fixing Crohn's disease one step at a time

Popular Natural Cures For Crohns Disease

If you are looking for natural cures for Crohn s disease, you are going to be disappointed. There is no cure yet, though research is ongoing. However, there are natural things you can do to help get rid of many of your more troubling symptoms, and that can at the very least, offer you much relief.

You may be able to cure some of your symptoms and go into remission, but you are not going to be completely relieved of the disease. You may find that some of these will help and some will do nothing for you. It's usually a case of trial and error and results can depend on the progress of your condition and how bad your flare-ups tend to be.

One of the most talked about natural remedies for Crohn's disease is altering your diet. There is a diet called the Specific Carb Diet that might offer you some relief. This diet eliminates a lot of different foods, and you might find that you do not have many food choices left. However, if it works for you, and many sufferers have reported success by following it, giving up certain foods may well be worth it.

The Specific Carb Diet tells you to remove milk products, oats, grains, most vegetables, sugars, and anything that contains preservatives. You can have lean cuts of fresh meats, and many different types of fruit. It's recommended that you take a vitamin supplement when following this diet and you should always talk to your doctor about it before you begin.

Herbal remedies have had success with reducing intestinal infection associated with Crohn's. There can be some relief if the herbs are taken correctly, however you should make sure you talk to your doctor or health professional about them as they may interact with your prescription medications. Just because something is classed as natural or herbal it does not necessarily mean its safe.

Along the same lines, another natural remedy for Crohn's disease is acupuncture. This is used to stimulate points along the body that, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, are connected to the health of the digestive system. Acupuncture works by triggering the body's self-healing properties. Crohn's is thought to be an auto-immune condition, so this might indeed offer some relief.

Stress reduction is another popular natural approach for crohn s disease symptom relief. Although stress does not cause Crohn's, as some think, stress can make symptoms worse. Activities like yoga can help, along with other stress busting exercises and breathing techniques.

You may also find you become a little depressed when you are in the middle of a flare up. The symptoms of Crohn's can limit the quality of life, and that means its quite normal to feel sad and washed. A way of combating this might be to seek help for depression. You may not want to take any medications for this, but there are some exercises programs that can help you, and you may also want to consider talking to professional counselor about it.

As mentioned, there is no cure for Crohn's, but you might want to think of your natural cures for Crohn's disease as cures for your symptoms. You will have to see what works for you, as everyone is different, and what works for one will not work for others.

No matter what it is you want to try, it is important that you keep your medical doctor informed. They should help you monitor your condition. If your doctor sees a referral when you mention any of these natural cures for Crohn s disease, let them know you want to try them, but you want to do them under their supervision. It is important that they monitor your condition, and also your intake of the nutrition that you need.

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