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Proven Method to Coping With a Break Up

Is there anything bleaker than a break up? Nothing makes you feel quite as melancholy and rejected as breaking up with your significant other. Breaking up with someone makes you feel as though your insides are disintegrating.

It’s very important not to succumb to the distress and pain. If you permit yourself to wallow in agony, the task will become more Herculean when picking yourself up and putting your life back together.

Break ups signals a cessation. There’s now an empty space where once there was something of promise. You’d come to rely on the convenience and security of the relationship. But you’ve now lost that and there will be a period of grief and mourning. The plans you and your partner made together now feels as though everything is upside down. You’re now asking the question amongst others that will rotate every now and then in your mind: How can I go on alone?

We often feel as though our world will never right itself after a break up. Believe you me, it will! You will not only move on with your life, but you will look back on this time – some day and shake your head to think how hard you took this break up.

You will get folks everywhere you turn telling you how to get over your ex. But what to do after a break up is very individual. What is often a godsend for one person can turn out to be hell for another. In all of this, you’ll have to do what’s right for you.There is lots of tried and true advice for coping with a break up. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Get back out there in the world of dating

Accepting dates with new suitors is often a solution. However, be very careful to avoid a rebound relationship. There’s no need to jump from relationship to relationship. You need only to encounter new folks and enjoy yourself. If you don’t feel ready to date, then don’t take that leap right now.

Embrace a new hobby

Get to learn a foreign language. Take a cooking class. Study kung fu. It doesn’t matter what hobby you pursue, just go ahead and choose one that you’ve always wanted to do. Check out a fitness center. Enroll as a member; a nice way of meeting new people and taking advantage of the new classes. Keeping yourself busy enough doing something you enjoy will help you avoid dwelling on that painful past.

Reconnect with your loved ones and pals

Nearly everyone with a broken heart has found some solace in their beloved family member and dearest friends. Haven’t they always been your biggest fans? They want to see you get stronger and move onto a healthier, happier you. They’ve likely endured a breakup themselves and know exactly how painful it is. Talk about your distress – your torment and sorrow, you’ll feel much better. Let them know what’s going on – they can help you get through it.

You will travel though stages during a break up. These stages aren’t consistent for everyone. And even when two people experience the same stage, they may not feel them as deeply as each other.

Generally speaking, this is what you’re in for:

Shock is the initial stage. Your mind cannot accept that the love affair is over.

Immediately after that, you stop holding yourself accountable for the lost of your ex; and begin to redirect that fury toward your former flame and everyone else around you. Still, you can’t fight back the nagging feeling that if only you’d done this or said that…you might have worked things out.

Soon your ache will diminish. You will begin to be able to bear the reality of the loss and capitulate to the idea of moving forward. Identifying which break up phase you’re currently at is beneficial to begin the process of moving forward.

In the end, it’s only time that will heal and help you get over the lost of a lover. But you must know – you will get over it; no matter how much right now it feels as though it will never happen. The proven method is to keep your mind busy. One final word, it’s always easier said than done, but let’s face it – this is where we must all begin!

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