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Relieve Crohns Symptoms With Hypnosis

Herbal teas may be an ideal way for you to relieve crohns symptom. However, not everyone responds well to the same treatment. Therefore, other crohn’s sufferers may find additional alternative or complimentary therapy such as hypnosis will work better at relieving and controlling symptoms.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a form of mind/body therapy that involves putting a person into an altered state of awareness or trance. In their trance-like state, a person under hypnosis becomes completely relaxed and can tap into their subconscious. With a person’s subconscious under his/her control, a hypnotist can teach this person how to control their mind at his/her own will under hypnosis.

Therefore, contrary to popular belief, a person under hypnosis is in complete control of their mind, and can use this special state of awareness to positively affect their bodily functions and psychological responses to overcome their crohns symptom.

How is hypnosis performed? During a hypnosis session, a qualified hypnotist (often a psychiatrist or psychotherapist) will have the patient relax and focus their eyes on something specific. The patient will then be instructed to listen to the hypnotist’s voice. The hypnotist will provide the patient will further suggestions to achieve a deeper relaxed state.

While hypnotized, the patient may be given positive suggestions, introduced to simple tests (I.E. imagining a specific object), guided imagery, or sounds to help alleviate crohn’s symptom. That being said, the first hypnosis sessions are usually focused on having the patient become familiar with the hypnotic state. Other therapy is usually added later.

Hypnosis sessions are finished by returning the patient to their regular state of awareness, and providing them with post-hypnotic suggestions to help reinforce the new attitudes and perceptions that were introduced and created during treatment.

How does hypnosis work? When a person is placed in a state of hypnosis their body is totally relaxed. Their blood pressure and heart rate decreases and specific types of brain wave activity are altered. While in this heightened relaxed state, a person will feel physically stress free and mentally alert, making them extremely responsive to suggestion, and more likely to change their perception on their condition.

As far as hypnosis is concerned, it is believed that the way our mind responds to physical or emotional events is based on the way we remember how we initially responded to them. These original memories stored in the brain are comprised of the primary emotional and physical reactions we encountered when the memory was first created. Therefore, every time a similar situation occurs, we repeat the same emotional and physical reactions that are linked to the initial memory. In many cases, such as in the case of crohn’s, these memories are typically negative and unhealthy.

Thus, the goal of hypnosis treatment is to have a patient remember certain events that led to their first experience of crohns symptom, and separate this memory from behavior that has been learned, so that positive associations can be linked to the original event.

How does hypnosis help crohn’s sufferers? Hypnosis has been used for years as a method for treating people who suffer from digestive disorders and are unresponsive to conventional medical treatment. Studies involving hypnosis as a treatment for crohn’s revealed some sufferers found relief from:

o Digestive upset – Constipation and diarrhea

o Abdominal pain

o Delay in the secretion of gastric acid

o Delay in colonic motility

o Stress

o Nervousness

o Anxiety

Keep in mind that you will need to attend a number of hypnosis sessions in order to obtain the benefits of this therapy for crohns symptom. Moreover, you should only be treated by a qualified and trained hypnotist. Therefore, make sure you speak to your healthcare provider before seeking this treatment, to obtain further recommendations.

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