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Solutions on How to Solve Penis Odor Problem

It is not normal for men to have penis odor. If a man has this problem, there are certain reasons for it to happen. Most men so maintain proper hygiene, but still face this kind of problem. Nevertheless, there are also ways on how to solve it. But knowing the cause of the problem is the first step to solving this problem. Here are some of the causes for this problem:

1. Infection in the urinary tract can be one of the causes for bad odor. Urine comes out of the penis and once the urinary tract is infected with bacteria, a foul smell finds its way out of the penis too.

2. Although penis odor can happen to both circumcised and uncircumcised men, the probability of uncircumcised men to have this problem is higher. This is due to the reason that sweat, semen and urine can be trapped on the foreskin if not washed properly.

3. Your pubic hair can contribute to making this foul smell on your penis. It can also trap urine, swear, or semen thus allowing bacteria to breed.

4. You may have not noticed it, but your diet plays a major role on the body odor that your body secretes. You are more likely to develop foul smell if your diet is mainly composed of dairy and meat products. This is not only applicable to men, but also to women.

5. If you are not drinking plenty of water, your body will not be able to release toxins well. In that case, toxins are secreted by through sweating, and that can also happen on male genital organ.

6. Not washing and drying your penis well is one of the major reasons for foul smell. Poor hygiene can certainly contribute to this kind of problem.

7. Other reasons that cause penis odor is having genital diseases like herpes, warts, and yeast infections. These diseases are mostly transmitted through sex. Having sexual intercourse without using condoms or practicing unsafe sex frequently produce high risks of acquiring these diseases.

Check if you have one of these causes so that you will be able to address the problem properly. You can try these penis odor remedies before consulting a doctor.

1. Wash your penis well daily with soapy water. This should be regularly done, so that you can ensure that there is no place for bacteria to breed, especially when you are not circumcised. Wash also other parts of your male genital areas.

2. Include eating fruits and vegetables in your diet. When you actually eat more of citrus fruits, body secretions will smell nicer.

3. If it is alright with you, you may choose to get circumcised so that you can get rid of the foreskin that traps sweat, urine and semen. That way you will also be able to clean your penis well.

4. Trim your pubic hair. You really need not to shave it if you don’t want it to, but less hair would mean less area for bacteria to breed.

5. Health awareness. Always consult and ask advice from your personal physician. If it always practical to be aware of your health issues even though it is just a minor concern. Take the doctor’s prescription and maintain your healthy routine.

6. Use penis anti-odor deodorants – there are deodorants available to avert penis odor. Before trying any try to seek advice from those who have used the product already. Check for online reviews from reliable review sites. Also, be cautious, there are chemicals on the deodorants which could be irritating to the skin and might cause you some skin allergies.

Having a stinky penis is really disgusting. This is not only nauseating for most men but also degrading. This lessens most men’s self-esteem to get closer to women.

If you have a urinary tract infection, better consult your doctor regarding it so that you can address the problem as early as you can. Do not wait for the problem to worsen in order to avoid more complications.

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