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Stress & 5 Ways to Cope With It

Stress can affect your immune system. Research shows that stress can suppress your immune system, opening the door to a number of infectious diseases. Stress can be linked to colds, the flu, and herpes. Although we are continuously exposed to such viruses, our immune system typically fights them off.

Stress is now an epidemic and it can dispose you to serious illness.

Now, let us focus on some 6 ways to certainly help you to cope with stress that you might face.

1. Try to adapt – strive to get away from much of what produces stress. Use waiting at the office or anywhere to read, study or write letters. But, more importantly, by adapting in this way you gain confidence that you are in control of your lives.

2. Talk out stress – do not keep all your worries and stress bottled up inside. Discuss your worries with a sympathetic friend who you respect and who may be able to help or advise. You naturally do not want to be a complainer or whiner about problems real or imagined. But you do not become that by confiding in a trusted friend.

3. Exercise will help you – your body often manifests the "fight or flight" response to stress; it is prepared for strenuous effort. Regular physical exercise will help you to use up the extra sugars and fats in your blood caused by stress, thus counteracting the biochemical effects of stress and restoring your body's healthy balance. So, you need to do more exercise, as swimming, hiking or playing tennis.

4. Balance work and play – work is not an evil plague. It is physically and mentally good for you to be active and productive, such as in learning a living and the means to enjoy play.Even when you are working, take a few moments regularly to "play" by stretching. That can relate the muscles of your face, neck, shoulders and back, lessening any buildup of stress.

5. Get enough sleep – it is vital to get enough rest and sleep since this is vital to a good physical well being. Sleep lets your body repair itself, restoring the balanced biochemical state.

Source by Femi Omopariiwa

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