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Syncope Causes – The Real Reason and How to Prevent It!

Today I’m going to share with you the top syncope causes and some ideas on never getting this problem. In case you don’t know syncope is the same thing as fainting. The fascinating thing is that someone can be perfectly fine standing up and then their body shuts down and they fall over. It’s interesting just how vulnerable someone becomes when this happens.

What do you think the big danger to this condition is? Yea, it can happen at the wrong time. Perhaps someone is operating a motor vehicle, walking across a busy intersection or scuba diving far beneath the ocean. As you can see this condition can be life threatening not only to you, but to others as well. The million dollar question is what causes syncope and someone to faint when they appear normal?

Think of the human body just like a computer. If you suddenly unplugged the power cord, plus the battery with a laptop, what do you think would happen? The computer would instantaneously shut down. Instead of electricity are body runs on blood. This is why if the heart stops working a person would cease to operate because the blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to various organs.

If someone’s brain doesn’t get the blood it requires it could turn off and they could faint. Some examples on how this could happen would be irregular heartbeats, panic attacks, low blood sugar, nervous system problems, not having enough red blood cells and cholesterol. You might be wondering why someone faints when they are really embarrassed or scared. This is due to a panic attack, which can change how someone breathes, as well as believe it or not slow the heart rate.

Apart from all the negatives when it comes to fainting, can you see how this might be helpful? If someone is forced to lie down the heart will have an easier time pumping blood to the brain because it’s not pumping blood up, against gravity but sideways.

When it comes to preventing syncope what do you think would be the best area of someone’s health to improve? Anything that helps with blood reaching the brain is going to prevent this condition. The options and ideas are as numerous as there are lawyers in the United States.

One idea I do want to put a spotlight on is to make sure your body is getting all the nutrition it needs. I would recommend a good multivitamin supplement because there are certain things your body needs to operate. Also ensuring you’re hydrated, have good blood sugar levels and are getting exercise. Lastly, hawthorn and ginkgo biloba are two herbal remedies that are known to improve blood flow that can reduce the odds of syncope.

To sum everything up syncope takes places when not enough blood reaches the brain. To prevent this condition a person could take a multivitamin supplement, ensure they are hydrated, have good blood sugar levels, exercise and they could take hawthorn and ginkgo biloba.

Source by Kevin Whitsitt

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