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Teenagers Coping With Acne

All of us who are adults have suffered through the insecurities of our own teenage years. Remember standing in front of the mirror and mentally listing everything that was less than perfect (in your opinion) about your appearance. In my case, I always thought I was too short, my eyes were too big for my face, and my hair had a will of its own – and that was before I even got to the acne.

Teenagers are so self-critical. Their bodies are changing and maturing – and usually faster than their emotional ability to handle the changes can keep up. Being a teenager is tough enough without having acne.

Teens look at the posters of their idols that they have plastered on the walls of their room and determine that they do not measure up, and simply never will. It IS tough.

So the question is, what can we, as the adults in their world, do to help? In a word – dermatologist! There are treatments today for teenage acne that can help keep the acne under control. There is no cure for acne except time. Most teenagers will simply outgrow acne by the time they are in their early 20s. But we can smooth the way for them by taking them to a dermatologist and getting treatment for their acne.

Now, regardless of what your teenager tells you, one zit does not determine a full-blown case of acne. The occasional zit should not be a concern. Most teens, about 95%, will have acne. Most of those cases are mild and do not really require any treatment other than over-the-counter medications.

However, if your teenager's acne can not be described as "mild," take him or her to a dermatologist and get treatment. Acne can be the cause of all sorts of disorders like depression, eating disorders, self-isolation, or social anxiety. Treating the acne can help prevent more serious problems.

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