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The Reality of Anxiety and Panic Attacks – How Do You Cope?

Living with anxiety and panic attacks is indescribable to somebody who has never suffered. When you tell them that you feel like somebody is sitting on your chest and you can not breathe, your heart is racing and you feel like your brain has been fused they generally think you are either mad or a liar.

For those who are unlucky enough to experience these it can be crippling to your lifestyle. A simple visit to the supermarket can become such an obstacle that you put it off for another day and sometimes go without bread and milk. When you do get out, if you have a list of things to do, you will probably only get one done before you feel overwhelmed and just have to go home. It is just unexplainable to those who have never been in this situation. You feel that you have no control over your life and are likely to be very miserable. In extreme cases, you may get to the point where you just feel like giving up.

It can be helpful to call a helpline which may enable you to think a little more rationally but you really need to recognize the signs of sunset in order for this to work. It is certainly helpful to most people to know they are not alone.

Doctors are far too ready to prescribe anti-anxiety or anti depressant medication when in fact this may only suppress the underling condition. You may be on such medication for a number of years and find that when you come off them, your problems return.

Source by Emma Herbert

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