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What Causes Eczema? Bad Habits Cause Eczema

Do you smoke cigarettes or do you drink alcohol? You would have to have spent the last 15 to 20 years on another planet to not realize that smoking causes heart disease, cancer, emphysema, stomach ulcers and premature babies.

Cigarettes also interfere with your energy levels and demean the function of your immune system. With a defective immune system your skin is susceptible to rapid aging and disease.

Quite in some communities public cigarette smoking has been banned which lessens the likelihood of you experiencing secondary effects of smoking. You do not have to be a smoker yourself to suffer from the ailments that cigarettes can cause.

Smoke contains carcinogens which are cancer forming substances. It also contains arsenic, tar and formaldehyde. Cigarette smoke damages your skin because is zaps vitamin C, zinc and bioflavonoid from your system.

If you are a smoker you should consider taking additional supplementation to counteract the effects of smoke on your system. Extra doses of vitamin C and B vitamins, bioflavonoid and zinc are a must. If you really want to get rid of your eczema and experience the joys of superior health and you are a smoker, it is time to seriously consider giving up the bad habit. There are many avenues you can take and support is available from your doctor.

Another bad habit is alcohol. Now alcohol are a funny commodity. In small quantities is can prove very beneficial to your health. Studies have proven that small quantities of wine protect you against heart attacks. In fact studies indicate that those who do not consume any alcohol at all are far more likely to suffer heart problems than those who drink the occasional glass or two. A little drop of wine each day can also aid relaxation and improve your digestion providing it does your irritate your eczema.

However alcohol consumed in large amounts will weaken your immunity, bring on early aging and cause cancer. Two or more drinks per day can cause liver damage, mental problems and lead to heart attacks.

Excessive consumption of alcohol does not play any part in the superior health lifestyle. Insure your consumption is minimal.

Source by Janet Simpson

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