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Wheatgrass For Anal Fissure – A Medical Breakthrough

Wheatgrass is a highly effective remedy for anal fissure. (AF)

An anal fissure is a split in the wall of the outer end of the anal canal, most often at the posterior or back side of the anus.

The main symptoms of AF are:

Pain and / or Bleeding after or during a bowel movement.
The pain can often be severe and debilitating,
Blood loss is usually minor.

AF can take days or weeks to heal spontaneously, but some can persist for many years causing the patient fundamental distress and discomfort.

I have been treating anal fissure successfully with a wheatgrass-based cream since 1995. My success rate is greater than 85 percent. One of my patients suffered for 21 years and was relieved of her symptoms just two weeks aftercoming wheatgrass therapy. Many others have avoided expensive surgery because wheatgrass cured their fissure.

Compared with standard pharmaceuticals, wheatgrass can lead to rapid resolution of symptoms and in time typically heals the fissure as well. Added benefits include absence of side effects and low cost.

I use a wheatgrass extract in a cream base and get the patient to apply a small amount just inside the anal canal twice daily.

Wheatgrass most likely works by activating growth factors responsible for the healing process. Numerous clinical observations show it contains biological active (s) with powerful healing properties. Also, it is not clearly understood how fissures develop in the first place. I have rather different views to the standard teaching of the cause and treatment of anal fissure.

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